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Water Polo Betting

Water polo is a team sport where two teams compete to score goals in a pool. Each team has six players and one goalkeeper, with substitutes available on the bench.

Water polo is a highly physical sport, requiring great physical fitness from players. Minor fouls during the struggle to gain possession of the ball are common, and major infractions are penalized with exclusions of 20 seconds.

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History of Water Polo

The precursor to water polo was water football, which developed in the late 19th century in the United Kingdom. In such a game, there were no goals. Players aimed to place the ball in a precisely defined opponent's area, and the goalkeeper would jump from the shore onto the player with the ball to stop him. The London Swimming Association soon developed new rules, and the first game under these rules was played in 1874 at the Crystal Palace.

As a very rough sport, this game greatly resembled rugby. The rules presented by William Wilson in 1876 involved marking the boundaries of rivers, placing goals, and goalkeepers who would defend this area. Goalkeepers were not allowed to touch the bottom, to catch the ball, and to throw it with both hands according to these rules, and each team had 12 players. The game lasted 20 minutes.

Numerous rules were modified in 1886, one of the most important being the reduction in the number of players to 7.

Water polo appeared on the American continent at the end of the century and this type of water polo was far rougher than the existing version. Due to its great roughness, the water polo finale ended with a general brawl.

The first international water polo match between England and Scotland was played in 1890.

Water polo first appeared in Europe primarily in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, and Hungary in 1894.

Water polo was introduced as an Olympic sport in 1900 and remains an Olympic sport to this day, while women's water polo was included in the Olympic Games only in 2000.

Representatives of the United Kingdom and the International Amateur Swimming Federation founded the International Water Polo Committee in 1929. The rules for international matches prescribed by this federation came into effect in 1930.

The history of water polo is proof that from then until today, water polo has changed many formats. Many rules of the game, including the duration of a water polo match, have been supplemented to obtain the final format.

New Water Polo Rules

The new water polo rules were adopted in the city of Hangzhou, China. It was announced much earlier that these new rules would greatly influence the future of the sport.

The new water polo rules include the following changes:

  • after a corner and exclusions of defensive players, the time for a new attack is reduced to 20 seconds

  • at 6 meters from the goal, any attack from behind on a player with the ball is penalized with a penalty shot

  • free throws are taken from where the ball is, unless it is within 2m of the goal

  • direct scoring from a free throw is allowed if taken from a distance of 6m from the goal or further

  • corner takers may score directly from the corner

  • “flying substitutions” of players are possible up to the midline of the pool

  • each team is allowed two timeouts during the match

  • goalkeepers are allowed to move into attack and swim to the other half of the pool

  • the break between the second and third quarters is reduced to 3 minutes

  • referees use microphones and earpieces for better communication among themselves

  • introduction of the use of VMS (Video Monitoring System)

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Water Polo Match Duration

Water polo matches consist of four quarters, each lasting 8 minutes without interruption. The break time between the first and second quarters, as well as the third and fourth quarters, is 2 minutes, while the halftime break between the second and third quarters lasts 5 minutes.

Thus, the duration of a water polo match is precisely determined and this timing is respected at all water polo matches.

Water Polo Pool

The water polo pool is always rectangular in shape, 30m in length and 20m in width. Sometimes the dimensions of length and width can vary depending on the pool where the game is played.

Water Polo Pool Depth

The depth of a water polo pool is at least 1.80m. This is the depth at which all pools used for practice and competitions in water polo are made.

Water Polo Player Positions

Water polo positions refer to the positions of the players on one team. Each team consists of 7 players, one of whom is a goalkeeper. There are 6 more players on the bench who serve as substitutes. If a player is skilled in playing in any position, he is called a utility player.

Water polo positions are:

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